Thursday, April 19, 2001

where the crunk did my archives go? damn, no tipping the forty on the office carpet to blogger... i gotta get that fixed.
you know what I want to do sometimes... I want to just write "die bitch" on pieces of paper and put them under peoples windshield wipers... not to particular people, just at random... i think stuff like that is funny... like one time we were on a road trip and one of my friends found some gay porn in the parking lot so we ripped pages out and put in under the windshields in the parking lot... high class entertainment

Wednesday, April 18, 2001

Yippy Skip, want to see a picture of me? Click here, it's my friends from college band site... they now live in Portland, OR, they (Dave and Eric) were really good friends and I miss them, they are doing well for themselves...the picture is from 1997, but other than being even more grouchy, I look pretty much the same.
As for my day, I'm working, and I'm tired... today is Comic Book Day, so I'm probably going to hit downtown on my lunchbreak (assuming I get one) and see what Hawkman and Spiderman are up to this week. One of the jerks at work called out so everybody is having to do his work on top of there own... it sucks in case you thought otherwise.

I got some new shoes, a pair of Vans Knu Skools... the same kind I've been wearing for 2 years, only these are blue instead of the ones I currently wear which are black... given that my toe is broken, I can't wear my new shoes because they hurt too bad and aren't broken it... suck

I've got my domains purchased, so soon BALDSTEVE.COM and DIRTYAPE.ORG will be in place to create as much havoc as possible.

More soon.

Tuesday, April 17, 2001

Welcome back to me, yet another garbage day of work and lo and behold I get some email... I'm expecting friends from across the country to be replying back as to when they will be back in MY state (literal not figurative) anywhooo, the email is from Ryan, and she rules... way to go Grit festival... that made my damn day. thanks Ryan.
As for everything else, prospects are hopefully looking up on the job front... the toe is STILL broken and Danzig II: Lucifuge still kicks so much ass after all of these years.
As for my weekend, other than finding out the super shitty news... was pretty awesome. I got to go back to my home town and go to the beach with some friends. We played Miniature Golf and rode Go Carts not to mention went to Historic Fort Macon... then we went to a Seafood Place while they ate and I had some nice Sweet Iced Tea... then we came back home and vegged out... all in all a good weekend... now I'm back to work, people are bitching about everything and I would like to knock them down in the Break Room... but I can't... It's well past time for me to go home.. hellz yeah... more tomorrow...

Monday, April 16, 2001

Fuck... Joey Ramone is dead. The powers that be couldn't have taken the entire rolling stones, or the backstreet boys or even fucking Motley Crue... nope they had to take Joey. Fuck this... what shitty news, hopefully Joey will kick the living shit out of everybody when he gets to where he is going. More later... shit