Friday, April 27, 2001

ACK>... it's friday, but not much of a consolation, way too much stuff to do this weekend. Hell, I won't have a reprieve for a while, next weekend I have driving school. Well, I have to design some sort of web page this weekend for somebody other than myself as a favor. I don't mind helping, it's just not relaxing, which is what I would prefer to do. Memento isn't playing here so it's not like I get to see any cool movies. I might go to the weird video store near my place and pick up the eupopean version of SNATCH, i hear it's a decent movie, that and some friends are supposed to show up from out of town. If it's any indication as to where I am, It's a college town in North Carolina called GREENVILLE, I'm about an hour away from Raleigh which is the capital and 3 hours from Winston Salem and 5+ hours from Boone, all of these places are where the majority of my friends live. It sucks to know I can get to Washington DC before I can get to Boone, it seems like it should be closer since it's the same state (it's not)
Either way, people are nice enough to come visit us because we have to work so f'n much.
I'm going to go home and kick off my work clothes and crank some good rock on the stereo maybe some Social Distortion or the second Danzig album, see if I can rock my way out of the work week and into the weekend.
Cheers. More soon.

Thursday, April 26, 2001

Damn, haven't posted in f'n forever... my apologies to blogger and anybody that may read this... Work is ... you guessed it, still sucking. Yesterday was full of meetings and happy hearty bullshit. Lots of stuff blowing up (not literally) so people are all stressed out... I'm pretty much just here for comic relief... i make weird noises and fall down and make the serious people laugh, or at least look at me strangely. Apparently I have a tendency to flip out a little bit and get mad at stupid people, somebody mentioned it yesterday and told me to 'calm down'. I just like calling people on their bullshit. I don't stand for it and I'm not taking up somebody elses slack if they are just being a shit-bag.
Yesterday was comic book day, too much good stuff came out, the atomics for one, I love Mike Allred's stuff. Anyhow, I was able to bolt out of work for a bit and enjoy something other than looking at this stupid place. Then I had to go the the ol' DMV (which is completely on the other side of town) and pay 25 MORE dollars to attend Traffic School to get the ticket that I received in Virginia completely wiped off the face of the earth. I'm kind of excited about it, I wonder what kind of real delinquent jerkoffs are going to be in attendance with me... I will keep you posted. So bare in mind, May 5, 2001 @ 9am I will be entering ...(drum roll)...DRIVING SCHOOL... sounds like a bad premise for an 80's movie, I hope Corey Haim is there, he probably needs driving school.
So anyway, I've been doing a whole lot of nothing. Some guy at work asked me if I like the band PHISH, I told me that they suck and anybody that likes them suck too, he hasn't spoke to me since. I like that.
Tonight I get to be a part of some kind of art exhibit, I've been requested by a friend to be his model for photography class, I haven't done anything like that since college... I hope there are a bunch of artsy fartsy type things so I can show everybody how unbelievably attractive, I mean stupid .. that i really am.

so there, I'm going to go eat a banana muffin and see if I can start my day...

yippy skip...