Tuesday, May 01, 2001

this day is just dragging and dragging... yuck. i did however get free icecream and an eggroll. that's good. i've been really really bogged down with work (that is bad)... so the bloggin has been a suffering. soon i'll be going home to start the creation of a couple of mix tapes for people, one for a guy named zach who i don't really know and another for a close friend. Mix tapes are the best. I stick with 90 minute maxell tapes for the most part. they tend to last a little longer. i LOVE making mix tapes, the only thing better is getting them, which doesn't happen very often because people always tell me that i already have everything that they have. i don't think that is true, i think they are just lazy bums and can't think of anything creative. (thats bad)
so anyway, i'm leaving work, going shoe shopping tonight... and to dinner someplace that has good salsa.
more tomorrow. oh yeah... does anybody read this but me? email me if so.

Monday, April 30, 2001

monday, monday, ... the song Invisible Touch by Genesis (or is that Phil Collins) gets stuck in my head and doesn't EVER leave. It pretty much sucks... there is no escaping, "she seems to have an..AARGHHAHAH" it... you know what I don't like? I don't like people telling me what tools I need to do my job with when they don't use the same things to do theirs. If I can get Photoshop than f'n give it to me, if I can get some html editor, THEN GIVE IT TO ME, people telling me "you can do all of that in notepad" (insert uppity nerd guy voice here)... no shit i can make a webpage in notepad, is it inconvenient and stupid ..YES. I can also bring my groceries home by carrying the bags in my teeth, it's more difficult and pointless but it "CAN" be done, people are just stupid... I think I would like to pull a covert operation and fly to the corporate office, or wherever this cheese lives and beat him while only screaming the words "notepad" and "photoshop" over and over, then I'll hop on a plane and come back home, a completely harmless (to me) display of mindless violence and considering that guy has never met me or seen me, then no harm done .. RIGHT?
Is that weird... i can't tell.