Wednesday, May 30, 2001

look who's back, bloggers back... man, i don't know what the hell blogger was doing, but it wouldn't come up, couldn't be viewed, added.. blah blah blah blah... either way i'm back, it's back and the whole world is a better place for it. Anybody actually miss me? I doubt it, but I missed myself. OK, here is a recap of the complete nonsense that has happened in the last few days, I had a 3 day weekend which helped f-up the monotony of my everyday journey to cubicleville. At work we got to screw with some morons and make their lives a little more like hell. Welcome to my world grandma.
As for my out of work crud, I've been bowling, I have my own bowling shoes, so I owe it to myself to break those fuckers in. I also own my own bowling ball that was purchased at a garage sale for a quarter and included a Junkyard Dog Wrestling Action Figure. Good call for a quarter. I've also watched an assload of movies in the last week. General recap, watched Jason and the Argonauts (the old one with the kick ass Ray Harryhausen monsters), Clash of the Titans (more Ray Harryhausen monsters and the motherfucking Krakken), also watched Palookaville (it's got a guy that looks like one of the Rip Offs on the box, making him pretty much just a guy in a ski mask, but he's coming out of a donut, therefore I laughed and rented the crap, it was really a lot like the movie BottleRocket, except I didn't get Owen Wilson's Dignan, I got some guy with a busted grill, but the movie was good nonetheless.), I also saw Traffic, it was an overhyped sack of crap. The artsy fartsy use of filters through the entire movie didn't help me like it anymore. So I'll just choke that up to something I won't have to see again, I just really don't see the appeal, it was another drug cartel movie, nothing huge or earth shattering, I probably should have listened to the Commentary on the DVD to get a better feel for it, but I'm just starting to like that Steven Soderburg (sp?) guy less and less, Out of Sight is pretty much the only movie I want to see that he's done, I think... I mean he keeps rallying up with stupid ass Julia Roberts the most overrated sack of trash that we have on the big screen. She is a self-centered moron that should never have been given an Oscar. That only helped make her head 4 times larger than normal. screw her.
and I got to see Best in Show, that thing kicks ass, a laughed the entire time, it's basically Spinal Tap with a Dog Show, non-stop hilarity and Christopher Guest can blow bubbles out of his mouth just like I can... that rules.
Either way, I'm trying to work out getting the Herculoids tattooed on my leg... just got to find the right picture....

crud.. back to work, updates will continue tomorrow, same bald time, same bald channel