Thursday, May 17, 2001

Yippedy doodle, I just received a mix tape from Zach, the thing rules, the only things on it that I already had were the Hey Mercedes songs and the Replacements, THAT is good stuff. Granted it's good getting mix tapes regardless, but having the whole thing be all new stuff is even better. Zach if you happen to see this, your tape is all but completed, last night was bowling night and it was a moral imperative that I make an appearance. That and I rocked ass. Work is still sucking hardcore, people are retarded, this job would rule it it wasn't for all the people. We attempted to go see a movie, but there isn't a damn thing playing that I want to see, so we drove by the ol' record store and I picked up 2 new additions to my simpsons collection, Ralph Wiggum and Groundskeeper Willie, both are just too damn awesome for words, i dig em. We got home last night around 11 and there was a HUGE black widow spider hanging right next to my door, so I took my bowling shoe and bashed it into goo. Fuck those things, i don't care about regular house spiders but i don't dig shit that can kill me.
Anyway... blogger has been kind of weird lately, hence the reason for no posts, i would try to add something, it would f up and i would descide to do something else. Mark and I went to the Comic Shop yesterday and Grease-Face (the pet name for the lackey of the shop) was being a total ass. They have the stupid business practices there. First off the guy acts just like the comic book guy from the Simpsons (go figure) but they don't order enough of certain books, a brand new Spider-man came out last week and they ordered 5 copies, that isn't shit, not to mention i get every other spiderbook, so why the f-word didn't i get one of those? it basically boils down to bullshit, and in case you didn't get it, it stinks.

shit, lets get some work done...