Wednesday, October 24, 2001

Holy crap... things have been hectic... from now on the blogger shall be rocking out. Lets see, things of interest of late. I just might be working in the Nations Capitol... how great is that, I know that right now things in the good ol' us of a are pretty nuts but I still think that it is a good Idea. I will be there on Nov. 5th, lets hope and pray that the beast gets me there and back.

It's rearing up on Halloween, I've already carved a couple pumpkins, they are lit outside as I type this. I'm not really sure what to dress up as this year, the old standby of grouchy guy will probably take center stage and wind up as my choice of the year. I'm going to go downtown to the little shindig that they throw here every year in Greenville, NC. I'll check out some Boot sexy ladies, look at some crappy costumes, count how many "sex kitties", nurses and hookers the sorority girls are dressed up this year... I'll bring the 2 year old eggs in our refridgerator down to see if anybody wants them.

Other than that stuff, I've been reading some HP Lovecraft getting in tune to the holiday season, I've been getting a hold of friends that I haven't talked to in forever... some still manage to elude me even though I know some fucked up shit is happening in their lives.

I'm in the mood to see Frankenstein, so I'm going to go quit typing and plug that shit in.